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For over 40 years Gary Howard has been supporting individuals and organizations in their efforts to achieve greater equity and social justice in their professional practices and systemic outcomes. Whether it is through keynote speeches, workshops, leadership institutes, online courses, or writing, his central guiding passion is to help create schools and communities that serve our children well and strengthen the foundation of pluralistic democracy.

For the past 15 years, Gary has been developing the next generation of his work with school districts, universities and independent schools throughout the nation. This is the work that goes beyond cultural awareness, beyond multicultural content, and beyond mere conversations about differences. This is the deeper work of personal, professional and systemic transformation for the purpose of achieving social justice and equity in our schools and our nation.

New Online Course!

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• District-wide Professional development
• New teacher and staff orientation
• Continuing education for individuals
• Professional Learning Community conversations
• Guidance for Teachers in need of improvement
• Comprehensive Cultural Competence staff development
• Specific skills for Culturally Responsive Teaching
• Integrate with existing equity and opportunity gap initiatives